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Digital Records Request!

Our prior system for official transcripts and diplomas was through email or by phone. Now prior students use a form to upload a picture of their government issued ID along with other details like where these documents are going, or if they're being picked up at the school. Everything is kept neatly in spreadsheets with dates of their request and when our Records department completed their request.

Public School
Brooklyn, New York

Supply Room Goals!

Our supply room was always difficult to manage. We'd never know who was taking supplies and how much we needed. Now our inventory is digital and thoroughly organized. We have automatic limitations and reminders to order more supplies when when we're running low. Ordering accurately and easily has saved us a bunch of headaches.

Pubic School
Brooklyn, New York

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Forms to the People helped streamline our quote and invoice process. Quotes and invoices are now automatically generated and stored in one location. Every file generated is identical and makes generating and storing these documents extremely easy.

Brooklyn, New York

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