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School Form Templates

Records Request

Current and prior students use a digital system to submit requests for records.
Once proper identification is received the records department can handle the request. Requestors are updated along the way.   

Staff Attendance

Immediately know who to cover and when. Information is synced to calendars and subs can automatically be notified.   

Education Verification

Many schools are frequently called by Indeed, Zip Recruiter and many other companies like such that request educational verification for their customers or employers. This system unifies the requesters process and simplifies the approval workflow.

Change of Address

This solution allows guardians to upload the necessary files to an approval process then carried out by school secretaries. Documentation is always stored on your school accounts keeping everything thoroughly organized.

Supply Room

Keep thorough inventory of supplies and set quantity limits for buy reminders. Always order what you need when you need it.

Advance Contact

Digitally collect contact information and automatically display important information like children’s allergies or Orders of Protection.

Custodian Request

Building needs get recorded and ticketed. Digitally streamlining the process for both staff and custodians.

Student Observation

Always know who is in your building, when they’re in your building and why they’re in your building.

Student Observation Scheduler

Automatically build schedules for student observers. 

Room Change

Know where your students and teachers are at all times. Automatically generate signs to hang on doors and push dates to calendars.

Overtime Application

Easily keep track of overtime applicants and postings.


Know who ordered yearbooks and who didn’t. Also keep track of payments and payment plans.

Tech Support

Quickly support your team and accumulate data for professional development moving forward.

PTC Scheduler

Allow parents and guardians to digitally book and schedule their PTCs right from their own devices.

Appointment Booker

Never manually build events into your calendar. Set available time slots and let people figure out what works best for them around your schedule.

Cap and Gown

Know who ordered Caps and Gowns and who didn’t. Also keep track of payments and payment plans. 


Let your team join the automation process by allowing them to give feedback so we can better serve the school’s needs.

After School Building Use

Easily keep track of programs from within and outside the school that use the building after hours.

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