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How we're dealing with Covid-19

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Forms to the People

Remote Working

Before Covid-19, our teams had been steadily working remotely. Thankfully for us, our team is small and completely capable of crushing their responsibilities from any location. It's our goal to set up systems that will provide the same results for you!

Working from home is likely new for many. A transition like this is overwhelming under any condition, let alone the crisis our country is dealing with currently. Transitioning those systems and circuits that generally run through and within the traditional work place is difficult. This is one of many reasons we do what we do. So not worry, we've lifted many organizations and their networks from their physical locations.

One method we found helpful in assessing an individual situation regarding automation is asking a series a questions. Perhaps these questions can help you think about the systems that haven't been automated yet.

List of Example Questions:
  • Answering repetitive phone calls
  • Answering repetitive questions
  • Sending repetitive emails
  • Creating invoices
  • Creating quotes
  • Creating newsletters
  • Collecting paper
  • Collecting multiple pieces of paper
  • Collecting information by email
  • Collecting information by text or phone
  • Creating schedules and appointments

Once our team has the answers above with a little context, we can then begin to create your individual solution and action plan. Everyone's responsibilities and goals are different, we know one size does not fit all. That's why we work with every client to create the perfect infrastructure and systematic solution.

List of New Digital Systems
  • Automatic dynamic emails
  • PDF generator
  • Newsletter templates
  • Automatic quote generator
  • Automatic invoice generator
  • Calendar automation
  • Dynamic calendar text alerts

Implementing any of these systems will create positive results, we guarantee it. Your time is valuable and Forms to the People understands that and specializes in saving you precious time usually wasted on redundant tasks. We offer a risk-free trail and are confidant we can help you succeed even during these difficult times.