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Bringing Automation Into Your Agency

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Forms to the People

How Can We Bring Automation To You?

First, let's figure out the tasks we can automize. A simple way to do that is by asking yourself some simple questions. If you're preforming these tasks manually, then we can most certainly help you.

Are you doing any of these these?
  • Answering repetitive phone calls
  • Answering repetitive questions
  • Sending repetitive emails
  • Creating invoices
  • Creating quotes
  • Creating newsletters
  • Collecting paper
  • Collecting multiple pieces of paper
  • Collecting information by email
  • Collecting information by text or phone
  • Creating schedules and appointments

We're sure some of you are comfortable with current systems and we certainly understand that and keep that in mind when crafting your individual solutions. One way we do that is by using your native software (software you're currently comfortable with) and building around things you know, so when it's all said and done the information flows in and then gets directed to the proper channels.

Another way we accomplish this is by using our professional software to collect the information and then send it to the appropriate places - including the software you'd prefer to see it displayed and stored in.

Common Examples of Automation:
  • Connecting Google Calendar and Outlook calendars
  • Connecting to any calendar service
  • Getting PDFs of form results stored in a Google Drive folder
  • Customer testimonial videos sometimes called social proofs
  • Explainer videos
  • Fun, animated videos
  • Live events and behind-the-scenes videos
  • Q&A and responsive videos