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Flexibility could be the ultimate response to Covid-19.

Is Social Distancing the New Norm?

We live in a time when social distancing plays a critical role in slowing the spread of  Covid-19. We understand many people and businesses are effected by these changes in our society. Forms to the People was created for situations exactly like this. Of course we wish the circumstance was better under which our paths would cross, however, we're here to digitally support all those who need help. If social distancing becomes the new norm and there's long term restrictions on social interactions, how can we support you to make sure your business or organization continues to thrive?

Here's One Example - Virtual Quotes

Here in Brooklyn, contractors are embracing the digital world and starting to engage and attract new business practices using our services. The traditional quoting process usually requires boots on the ground, but with the implementation of Forms to the People's automated systems your new clients can use forms to digitally submit necessary information needed in order for you to create an estimated quote for products or services. In addition, quotes and invoices are automatically generated and archived for more transparency and organization. We've witnessed and assisted in many success stories during these hard times and this is only the beginning.

Other Benefits of Virtual Quotes:

  • Lead capture - saves information for potential future customer
  • Text alerts for work walk-throughs
  • Text alerts for appointment and work reminders
  • Dynamic calendar alerts for creator and intendeds (let your calendar do the reminders for you!)
  • Quote and invoice generation and archive: maintain transparency and easily locate documentation.
  • And much more
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