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Flexibility could be the ultimate response to Covid-19.

Is Social Distancing the New Norm?

We live in a time when social distancing plays a critical role in slowing the spread of Covid-19. We understand many people and businesses are effected by these changes in our society. Forms to the People was created for situations exactly like this. Of course we wish the circumstance was better under which our paths would cross, however, we're here to digitally support all those who need help. If social distancing becomes the new norm and there's long term restrictions on social interactions, how can we support you to make sure your business or organization continues to thrive?

Records Department

School's records departments are constantly being bombarded with people and requests. Unfortunately, the documents that they handle are physical hard paper, official documents and can't be easily sent electronically (at least not by the Department of Education's standards). With that said, isn't that antiquated system just that? Why should secretaries continue to suffer the tediousness of physically filing required documents? They shouldn't have to and here's one way we've changed that.

Workflow before Forms to the People:

  • People would call
  • People leave voice mails
  • Following up with phone calls
  • Following up with text messages
  • Physical walk-ins
  • Individual emails and responding
  • Inefficiently gathering and responding to all forms of communication  

Digitizing the Records Request

Even before Covid-19 some schools were ahead of the curve. At one school we've set up and rolled out a full solution. Everyone is now directed to the school site where they're instructed to find the link to request records. This small, but crucial systematic approach saves countless hours being spent on useless, tedious tasks.

Workflow after Forms to the People:

  • Prior and current students submit a digital form
  • They upload a picture of a government issued ID
  • They select whether the documents are to be picked up or sent out
  • If they're picking up, they select a time
  • If they're having them mailed, they enter the address or addresses
  • Once the request is completed it's timestamped and filed for safe keeping...digitally
Form Package: Standard
School, Brooklyn
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