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Forms to the People was founded on the idea of equal opportunity for a fair and just price. Our goal is to help as many people, businesses, schools and everything in between get ahead with the power of automation. No one should be doing anything artificial intelligence can do for them - especially the tidiest of tasks.

About Us

Forms to the People is a digital consultant company that was born after experiencing the absolute waste of resources that occur within school systems. Software would be purchased, with zero scaffolding or support, and an exorbitant amount of time systems and software wouldn't be implemented or even utilized. There was barely ever enough boots on the ground with tech experience to get things going.

Some people are certainly trying to take advantage of the situation because they're probably well aware of school's software budgets. However, we saw right through it. We knew we could provide better solutions, on every level, than our competitors and at a cheaper price to boot!

Our Values


The Paperless

The traditional work place is a thing of the past. Our company is 100% paperless and our goal is to help you become that way too. Forget the days of filing and storing paper and begin to embrace digital spread sheets and databases.

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